AndC Web Design for Professional Web Design at Affordable Prices

Here at AndC Web Design, we believe great web design is an art based on good concepts and sound principles. We apply the same high standards of web design across our entire range of web design services, from our basic two-page websites to our larger and more complex web design packages. We offer structured pricing so you only ever pay for what you need, with the option to upgrade whenever you need to. Our web design prices start at just £225. You can contact us for more information or to get a free quote for your web design requirements.

Creative Web Design

A well designed website not only looks visually appealing, but is also functional and easy to navigate. We believe in creating functionally artistic websites - balancing art and form for the perfectly designed website to promote your business. All our websites are custom designed to meet each individual client’s needs. We hand code every website using XHTML and CSS.

Search Engine Friendly Web Design

One of the most important aspects of good web design is to make sure your website can be found by your prospective clients. That is why all our web design packages are designed with all the search engine friendly characteristics built into every element, from the code to the layout to the keywords and meta tags to the text and images. We include free submission to the major search engines with every web design package to get your website ranked as quickly as possible.

Visually Attractive Web Design

Once your prospective clients find your website, you will want them to stay on your website. An attractively designed website will give a great first impression and demonstrate your company’s professionalism and quality.

Good Content

Having useful information presented in a user friendly way will bring clients back to your website. We can adjust your content to make it interesting and relevant while maintaining your message. This is a free service we offer with every web design package.

Simple Effective Navigation

Users need to be able to intuitively move around your website and easily find the information they want. Simple effective navigation is the key, which is something we apply to all our web design packages.

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